Danielle Ashley’s Photography

Danielle Ashley’s Photography

Hey guys! I know I haven’t written in a while… but I wanted to share my photography work with all of you. Thanks for sticking around! 


The excitement builds for “Paramore”

Paramore is releasing a new album April 9th (only a little more than a month away!!) and the excitement within the Paramore fanbase is building! To fuel that excitement Paramore previewed a few new songs to a select amount of fans and also provided them with a clip of Hayley singing “Daydreaming” in the studio. Of course said fans then leaked this preview, much to my own excitement 🙂

Listen to the preview here!




Daydreaming, daydreaming all the time
Daydreaming, daydreaming into the night
Daydreaming, daydreaming all the time
Daydreaming, daydreaming into the night and I’m alright.

Paramore release new song “Now”

After what feels like AGES Paramore has finally released a new song. “Now” will be available on ITunes in just two short hours, however for the time being you can listen to it here. While it does sound different from the Paramore we have all grown to love, it is still amazing. Tell me what you think!



Honda Civic Tour 2012

This year the Honda Civic tour has Linkin Park, Incubus, and MuteMath. I wasn’t planning on going, but then I won tickets through Radio 104.5 and now I am, and I’m SUPER excited. It’s going to be great.. If you get a chance check out these great bands on one of their stops throughout the tour 🙂 Click here to see all the dates and purchase tickets.



Concerts Fall 2012 (Philadelphia area)

There are so many concerts in the Philly area that have been announced that I would like to go to.. if only time and money would allow..

Friday Sept 14th– Owl City TLA $32

Tuesday Sept 25th– Xfinity Live- Boys Like Girls, All American Rejects

Tuesday Oct 2- TLA Switchfoot $33.50

Sunday Oct 7th– TLA Matt And Kim $30

Tuesday Oct 30th TLA- Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce the Veil, Tonight Alive

Friday Nov 16th– Electric Factory- We Are the In Crowd, Yellowcard, Wonder Years  $33.15 

Saturday Nov 17th– TLA All Time Low, Summer Set, Downtown Fiction, Hit the Lights $35 

Let me know if you plan on going to any of these? 🙂

Warped Tour 2012

July 20th
Susquehanna Bank Center
Camden New Jersey

FINALLY. I went to Warped Tour. I was starting to think that it would never happen. But I went, and it was wonderful. Just the idea of Warped Tour is amazing. That many bands playing on that many stages in one day? Nothing is better than that.

I had planned to go with someone but my plans fell through two days before the concert. I went alone and it’s not as awful as you may think. There’s no need to worry about if your friends want to see the same bands you just get to see whoever you want as long as the schedule allows for it.

I walked in the gate around 11 and headed straight to the inflatable. I started programming all of the bands I had wanted to see in the handy dandy Warped Tour App for smartphones. (Turned out to be an extremely helpful and useful app). 

I don’t remember the exact times but my schedule looked a little something like this:

  • Tonight Alive
  • Senses Fail
  • We the Kings
  • All Time Low
  • Mayday Parade
  • We Are The In Crowd
  • Yellowcard

Tonight Alive

I headed straight to the Kevin Says stage after entering all the times into my phone and got a pretty decent spot in the crowd to watch Tonight Alive. I hadn’t been listening to them for too long but I started to love them the moment I heard them. As soon as they came out onto the stage the crowd started feeding off their energy. For being one of the first bands to play that day, they started it off right. Jenna (lead singer) was bouncing all over the place like an energetic ball that wouldn’t stop.

In between songs Jenna made hearts melt by busting out her Australian accent that you never hear throughout any of their songs. They played six songs, five originals and one cover. Some of which included, Breaking and Entering, and Starlight as well as Little Lion Man. I managed to record some of Little Lion Man and I was glad that I did. Tonight Alive’s cover was better than the original in my opinion. Throughout their set while rocking out with them and the rest of the crowd, I managed to take quite a few pictures. Some captured the bands energy better than the others.

After their set, I went to hang out at the Arnette tent where Tonight Alive was holding a signing. I got everyone in the band to sign my drawstring bag that I had with me. I also managed to get a picture with Jenna. Everyone in the band is a sweetheart (their cute accents just add to it). All in all, seeing Tonight Alive was a great way to start off my first Warped Tour experience.

Jenna and I

Senses Fail

After hanging out with Tonight Alive, I decided to head over the the Tilly’s Stage to see Senses Fail. I got there a little late so I was way in the back and only caught a few of their songs. I did take a few pictures though and they turned out okay.

We The Kings

Next I headed inside to where the two main stages were set up. There were tons of people everywhere and I didn’t think that I was going to get a very good spot to see We The Kings. But somehow I managed to push my way all the way to the pit. It was unbelievable how many people were squished into the pit. Once We the Kings came on, everyone went out of control, to the point where it got a little scary at times. But I was glad that I managed to be decently close for We The Kings. I loved all of the songs they played like, Say You Like Me, Check Yes Juliet, and Skyway Avenue. It was almost impossible to get any pictures or take any decent videos but I salvaged what I could.

All Time Low

All Time Low was next on the main stage, but they were on the other side. So I left the pit and went to find a decent spot to stand. The place was packed and it was almost impossible but I squeezed myself in between a bunch of other people right in the aisle. It was hard to see at times (especially when Alex encouraged people to crowd surf) But it was amazing. ATL played The Reckless and the Brave, as well as Lost In Stereo and Weightless. I’ve seen ATL live before, but they never cease to put on an awesome show, even when it is a short one.

Mayday Parade

Next I headed to the Monster Energy stage to check out Mayday Parade. I was pretty far back, but they put on a really great show. The crowd was pretty big and got crazy when Mayday Parade started singing “Jersey”. I didn’t stay for the entire set because I wanted to make my way over to the Tilly’s Stage to get a good spot for We Are The In Crowd. I didn’t manage to get any videos of Mayday Parade but I did get at least one decent picture. I would definitely go and see this band again sometime. I felt kind of rushed because some of the bands I wanted to see were really close to overlapping each other.

We Are The In Crowd

I was really excited to see this band which is one of the reasons that I left Mayday Parades set a little early. I didn’t get up front like I had hoped but I got pretty close to it. Once they came out on the stage I (as well as everyone else) went crazy. They had a pretty big crowd. I knew every song in their set including, Rumor Mill, The Worst Thing About Me and Kiss Me Again (which Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low came on stage for). As if the crowd wasn’t already going crazy, once Alex was on the stage they went even crazier. I managed to get quite a few pictures and videos of We Are the In Crowd’s set.


The Last band that I saw on Warped Tour was Yellowcard. If I thought the main stages were packed for WTK and ATL, then it was SUPER packed for Yellowcard. I somehow got a spot that let me have a decent view from the right side of the stage. Yellowcard sung Five Becomes Four, Ocean Avenue, among other songs. I’ve loved this band for years and got to see them live one other time, they definitely never disappoint. I grew up listening to them so being able to belt out Ocean Avenue along with them is like a childhood dream come true. It was getting dark out by this time, so the pictures aren’t great but I got a few as well as a video.


All in all my Warped Tour experience was definitely a great one. I got to see so many bands that I have loved for a while, as well as see bands that I just started to fall in love with. From now on I am going to try to go to Warped every year as long as the lineup is still decent. If you want, share your experiences from Warped Tour, I would love to hear all about it 🙂

I disappeared for a while..

But I’m back! Things got crazy with senior year and graduating college. But truth is I miss this blog, and I love music too much to ever really stop it. That being said, I’m going to Warped Tour on Friday in Camden and I’m really excited. It’s my first year and I can’t wait to see All Time Low, Yellowcard, We Are The In Crowd, New Found Glory, We The Kings, Taking Back Sunday, Tonight Alive, and Mayday Parade. This weekend after Warped I’m going to talk about my experience and hopefully start keeping up again with this regularly. Thanks for sticking around (if anyone has) and I’m sorry I’ve been gone for so long!